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The following items are available until the stocks last. Balance stock of these items is updated daily. We still regret if desired size, shape of any item is not available when you place an order .

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HA01 - Urli Meditation (Copper)
HA01 - Urli Meditation (Copper)  ..
Size:17.0'' x 17.0'' x 4.5''
Ex Tax: Rs.2,499.00
HA02 - Floater Resonance (Copper)
HA02 - Floater Resonance (Copper)  ..
Size:16.0'' x 16.0'' x 4.0''
Ex Tax: Rs.1,550.00
HA03 - Water Caraffe (Copper)
HA03 - Water Caraffe (Copper)  ..
Size:10.5'' x 10.5'' x 18.0''
Ex Tax: Rs.3,299.00
HB01  Bag Shopping (Plastic)
HB01  Bag Shopping (Plastic) ..
Size:44.0'' x 6.0'' x 56.0''
Ex Tax: Rs.1,050.00
NA01 - Clock Tortoise ( Magnetic )
NA01 - Clock Tortoise ( Magnetic )  Made From MDF Wood and lazer cut design. Easy to maintai..
Size:15.5'' x 3.5'' x 8.5''
Ex Tax: Rs.1,070.00
NA21 - Tree (T-light)
NA21 - Tree (T-light)     -- Made From MDF Wood and lazer cut design. Easy to main..
Size:20.0'' x 9.0'' x 20.5''
Ex Tax: Rs.1,070.00
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